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Electric Jesus & the Infinity Well

by Sean Crowley

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This one, this one, right, I don’t want anymore. Now I could just stay right here stalling plans we worked on. Laze in the room, till I can’t move anymore. I couldn’t sell my records so I smoked a day away I love you, This life we have, we either make or fake it This one, this one I needed a balance of the up’s and the downs, it’s doing my head in again. Breaking the rules was okay between us. Stopping for food on the way to the hospital. I love you, This life we have, we either make or fake it Wise men say it is not okay to laugh in the face of a crocodile. Same men say that we should take stock in all that we have once in a while. I love you, This life we have, we either make or fake it. (“Now this is story about a wee princess who fell in love with the big bad wolf. Right? Now we carry on. You ready now? Once upon a time in a land far away…" "Wait a minute, before you go any further, slow down." "Why’s that?" "Slow down. If you’re speaking to a kid." "Once upon a time in a land far away…”) Hey there little girl where you going with that basket? I’m gonna eat you. I’m gonna eat you. See a lot of folks say, “don’t run away so hasty with bickering prattle”.
Did you get what you came here for, or did you forget to look? Do you feel like you had it all, or did you just focus on what they took? It’s true that it is beautiful, but worthy of this time and space? Did you get what you came here for? It’s time to check the score, if not for you who for? From the start to the end, how’d you look? It’s true that we’re invincible, but ego makes us scared to leave. If you knew what you came here for, would you be as happy as you’ve been? It’s all about the ups and downs, and sometimes about the standing around. Were you all that you came here for? Or did you just come to see this laughable hypocrisy, aside the endless therapy of love? Did you get what you came here for?
I opened my mouth, and my heart started sinking. I knew I had nothing to say but I was deranged. I’d laid all my cards out again, down on the table and I reworked and shuffled them hard, but they all stayed the same. And that voice in my head that my grandfather had, it screamed out with one thousand words. It screamed I’m beaten and bored and I’m lost and I’m stoned and I’m tired or just mad as hell, and I need you. And then came the silence left by you. My soul it burst out of my face and I felt the anger. An evolution of this gift passed unto me. And that voice in my head that my grandfather had it screamed out with one thousand words. It screamed I’m beaten and bored and I’m lost and I’m stoned and I’m tired or just mad as hell, and I need you. And the echo will last until it comes to pass that my children will feel the voice scream, You are sacred yet sold, and you’re fragile but bold and scared of the simplest of rhymes, and it needs you. And that voice in my head that my grandfather had it screamed out with one thousand words, It screamed I’m beaten and bored and I’m lost and I’m stoned and I’m tired and mad, and I’m sacred and sold, and I’m mother and father, I’m sister, I’m brother, and I’m here till the end of the line cause I need you!
Give my heart a break, There’s only so much that this old fool can take. I’ve done my very best, And I’d have won it by now if this truly was a test, Like I thought it was. I think it’s movin, growin, soon be showin, movin, growin, soon be showin. I’ve seen ‘em come and go. And if they loved you half as much as me You’d think that it would show. Parade your plastic shit. You don’t get your face put on money just for your look. At least… not yet. I think it’s movin, growin, soon be showin, movin, growin, soon be showin.
A vision of our existence came to me in a passing moment of clarity which has resinated within me unlike any ordinary dream. But similar to a dream, it came from an untraceable inner thought, that dwells deep inside, until unexpectedly it breaches the surface of consciousness without ever having needed it to have been taught. I was able to contemplate an existence beyond our known universe, and imagine a place that is truly infinite. Not only was it infinite in both space and time, but also in perception and dimension. And at every point which you were to stop and observe this "infinite", a new level of perception was made available and clear. The infinite levels that stretch out across time and space began to be viewed, and thus measured from a central point in time and space which I named 'Point Zero'. This being the point with in the infinite in which our daily lives play out. Interpreting our surroundings through touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, our bodies and minds decode, translate and create the world in which it lives, allowing this part of the "infinite" to look back at it's self, observing all physical and spiritual aspects of what it encounters. "Life", throughout the universe and beyond is a part of this. Going inwards only in space, you already start to become aware of new levels of perception. The senses we use to translate our surroundings and our existence within them can be viewed as mere electrical pulses that exist in their own mini-verse. This alien life moves about our brain at the speed of light, and appears to be unaware of its own existence, in much the same way as other living entities such as the plants or other 'alien life' such as planets or stars which all form part of the un-conscious reality. Within itself, its level of existence is as independent as the level of perception at 'point zero'. Point zero can now be appreciated as only our surface experience of reality. Though independent, this reality has an effect on the infinity of parallel worlds much like a pond ripple effect that occurs when a stone breaks the surface of water. And just as we effect the multiple reality’s around and within in us, perception at point zero is equally altered by interactions with these worlds. A simple ‘real world’ example of this is the effect electrical pulses at the microscopic level have on the 'real world' movement of our bodies and the creation of our thoughts. Such pulses go about completing complex tasks using a calculated set of pre determined rules that abide to an apparent master program which has appeared to chanced its way into existence through the evolution of DNA, from the original gas and dust clouds created at the beginning of the universe. This program has been set in place and is continually unfolding throughout the infinite of time. It's the same design plan that paved the way for the forming of the cosmos itself. It has been in action eons before events such as the big bang, and continues to affect our future infinitely in time. This program that defines the evolution of all things moves within space-time and is reflected in ourselves in its simplest form of our growing bodies and their pre determined change over time. At point zero we try to describe this force, and tend to refer to it simply as the force of nature, even though this unfolding of the implicate order of things pre dates the existence of the universe. Philosophically this is important as from the myriad of unfolding’s, the programs that direct electrical pulses within the brain have evolved to be a reality, and as a result, the miracle of consciousness is born. Thoughts that we use to identify our individuality, and convince ourselves at point zero that we are separate from the rest of the ether to which we are eternally bound. We create this sense of individuality. Scientifically we have proven that we are literally made of the same material that is used to create not only the infinite reaches space but the words written on this page. Another level of perception is revealed in space. The atomic level, where humans can witness a world where we are all one. We are considered as one entity not only in space, but also time. The atoms that make up our own bodies have been in existence since the beginning of the universe, and have already been a part of our planet in its early development. Later they may have been a part of plants, animals or even other people. And as the universe constantly recycles these atoms, our bodies eventually disperse them back into the atmosphere to become another part of the universe. And this is still only the information we have been able to decipher from our limited view at point zero. Yet as humans we are compelled by human nature to believe we are not all one, and that we are in fact separate from all that surrounds us. Our nature then beckons us to measure and dissect the world as we see it from point zero outwards or inwards in space and time. We measure our surroundings from our bodies to our planet, the planet to our solar system, from the solar system to the nearest stars, the nearest to a cluster of stars, and from a cluster of stars, to the arm of a barred galaxy we call the Milky Way. Then we can see that our galaxy is one of a plethora of scattered galaxy's, and this is all still within our view of perception stemming out from point zero. This expansion is on a never ending scale, which in turn renders all scale redundant. Worlds that could engulf our galaxy whole are only out done by the next level of scale, on and on for ever. Once the concept of infinite scale can be conceived outwards, the idea of point zero being ‘ground zero’ becomes an impossible contemplation. As space travels infinitely outwards, it must also travel infinitely inwards, as this is the simple nature of infinite. Many people can imagine the idea of an infinite universe outwards by simply asking themselves "If there is an end, what is past the end?" This question must be now applied when travelling inwards. As we move from point zero to the perceptions of worlds that exist in the electronic pulses of the brain, and further towards the atomic and sub atomic level, we constantly find divisions. Atoms can be divided. The division of the division continues until humans can now see strands of pure energy. The human mind boggles at the edge of the unknowns, at either end of our perception of the world that surrounds us. But as space is forever in all directions, so is time. And as being “infinite” renders all encompassed within it to be both 'all that is' and equally 'redundant', 'Time' itself is one. There is only ever one moment. We are connected to the eternity as we are connected to the infinite reaches of space. We only perceive time as a moving linear force because we view it from our limited and moving perspective at point zero. Moving in respect to both space and time, which as pointed out in Einstein’s celebrated special theory of relativity, are wholly connected as one natural force known as space-time. It is our real world senses that, due to their constant measuring, assume this false division between space and time, based on our point zero experience. This 'infinite' that we exist in, and are a part of, is in its basic form energy. Unfortunately the word energy conjures images of electricity, but it is far more than this. Words cannot fully describe this energy, as we are restricted by minds which are confined to the knowledge which has been made available to it. This knowledge is gathered either through learning, as a result of an individual experience, or from the collective memory of evolution that instinctively knows how to breathe and how to beat a heart. There is even knowledge that we are collectively creating all the time and unwillingly transferring through the ether. This is what is bringing about the evolution of human thought. This scale of learning is also infinite. It has evolved out of the floating rocks of our known universe, to the single cells organisms that inhabited this planet in its early days, to the first animals and the beginning of self awareness on planet earth, and finally us at point zero, who are becoming more advanced in this observation of space-time. We now can imagine, and create. The concepts proven by science in our time would have been laughed at as fictitious or insane musings only centuries ago, and maybe with time they may one day again be laughed at again for being so ludicrously simple or even incorrect. And this development continues in unimaginable ways. It will grow to understand its place in the infinite as a part of all that is, and be able to fully contemplate the infinite energy. Also we will become aware that 'death' as we know it at point zero is nothing more than a change of perception. Change is still the only constant. A scale of change which is also infinite in possibility, with these infinite possibilities of space-time co-existing as one. The infinity of layers we can observe as an individual perspective of reality all have infinity within them. The layers are not as a stack of cards are, piled on top of one another. They are not separate. We can perceive different perspectives, but it is only different perspectives of the same thing. To be afraid of death is the fear of loosing the attachment we have to our point zero perspective. It is an attachment we create as we grow and learn. This attachment will always be interwoven into the fabric of existence and should be appreciated as having an equal importance as the infinite itself, as it is one and the same, and more importantly this is our perspective. The perspective which we currently relate to. It is our home and it is one in an infinite. But why does it exist at all? The ancient question still pends… and yet, such attempts to answer these question’s are merely the continued measuring of our surroundings. Reason itself is a man made concept and as we have discussed, true infinite reality does not have to succumb to the rules that appear to dictate reality at point zero. Even though space-time appears to be unfolding down a set pre determined path, which is fused by an inevitable chain of cause and effect that stretches across the infinite, this does not necessarily evoke the necessity of a benevolent being. And even if it did there would be no place for a creator that is a separate entity from its creation. Plus in order to imply a creator one must assume a creation. The infinite as the name suggests was never created. Time never started, it always has been. 'God' is point zero's attempt at communicating a translation of as all that is, was, and ever will be in the infinite of space-time and perspective. The energy of the infinite is god. Thus... we are god, as god is one with us. We are the energy trying to understand itself. Therefore in doing this we create reason. Could it then be possible that we exist to create reason, rather than already having a reason to exist? At this stage in our species evolution we can only speculate such answers, but non the less, our search may inevitably become its own answer. So if in using our limited ability's of perception, we choose to give ourselves this ongoing impression of separation, and give point zero a sense of individuality and importance within an infinite existence, it must then be for the sole purpose of satisfying itself. A satisfaction which we acquire through the simple experience of all that we call 'life'. Happiness and love. Fear and pain. Peace and enlightenment. Excitement and comfort. Eventually our perceptions will change, and we will leave our connection to zero seeking new levels of perception. But as we continue to defend our separate idealism, we will also inevitably seek new experiences. and this is all we may need to justify our own existence. This may be the meaning of point zero. To experience life at this level. I believe these thought and words have come from a knowledge that is starting to work its way into the human psyche, and due to the natural process, it will bring about the evolution in human thought, leading us towards our destiny and what we will inevitably become. The world is currently in a time where freedom of human thought is at it’s evolutionary peak, where new theories such as this and other such theories that question or try to answer ‘who we are and where we are going’ appear to be becoming more and more accepted, and common among a generation disillusioned by the wars of religion, and the ruthlessness of the powers that be. Now we must learn to ‘think for ourselves’. If anything is to be taken from this it is that we are all on the same journey, playing our parts in the development of life. No ideals or beliefs should be shunned or discredited as they are all attempts at explaining that which no human can explain through mere words. Either as enlightenment, or at least a new point of view, hopefully this opinion is seen as an attempt at progress towards peace. Whatever the emotions it may conjure, I am not attempting to give final answers. I am aware mankind has started wars over such hypothetical suggestions, and thus wish only to voice my thoughts as some my find solace in these thoughts I have. Thanks for havin’ me the Stupid Monkey


released October 28, 2013

Sean Crowley

Luke Postill,
Justin Harvey
Brady Danniel-Smith


all rights reserved



Sean Crowley Melbourne, Australia

Sean Crowley is a Melbourne based composer & producer. Have a listen.



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